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Life Lockets - Create a Life Locket Unique to You!

Lockets make the Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Step 1: Choose your Locket.  There are many finishes available: Silver, Silver Bling, Gold, Gold Bling, Rose Gold, Rose Gold Bling, Rainbow, Rainbow Bling, Pink or Purple.

Step 2: Choose your Charms.  Have fun choosing the charms for your Life Locket. Here is a rough guide to how many will fit in each locket style.

3cm wide round locket 8-10 charms with 1 plate 4-6

Heart Lockets 8-10 charms

Small Lockets 5-8 charms

Bracelet Lockets  4-6 charms

Step 3: Would you like to add a Personalised Plate?  You may add up to 2 hand stamped plates per locket (a back facing plate and a front facing plate).   If you decide to add an engraved plate then you can have wording engraved on the front and back so only one plate is required.  The engraved plates are a little thicker than the hand stamped plates so we don't recommend that you add charms if adding 2 engraved plates.

Step 4: Choose your necklace.  There are many lengths/styles and finishes available.

Step 5: Have fun!

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