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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What are Life Lockets made out of?

Our Life Lockets and necklaces are crafted from jewellery grade stainless steel.  All our jewellery is free from nickel coating, however they may contain traces of nickel. The front and back of the lockets are made from glass.  Due to the fragile nature of these products care needs to be taken when handling the lockets to avoid breakage.

How long can I expect my order to take?  

You should allow up to 2 weeks from the time payment has been received until the time order is sent out.  Life Lockets strives to get orders out much quicker than this has a great track record in doing so.  Some products may take the full 2 weeks due to these items having to be ordered in.  Please factor in this wait period before placing your order.

During busy times such as Mother's Day and the Christmas period turn around may be a little slower than usual due to the volume of orders received during these busy times.  Please try to order well ahead of time to avoid disappointment.  

Any order placed with a discount code/coupon code/host code that includes free shipping will be shipped via registered post not via express post.  If you need your order to be shipped via express post please contact  extra charges will apply.

What is Gold Filled?

Gold filled describes when a layer of gold is mechanically and permanently bonded with heat and pressure to the surface of base metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness. You should not confuse this process with gold plaiting. It is strong, durable, and resistant to tarnish.  Gold Filled will not flake, chip or cause allergies the way silver and gold plate does.

The result is a metal that looks and wears like gold but is much more affordable.
 Gold filled items will remain gold for a very long time if cared for properly. Gold filled items are very beautiful and look exactly like gold items (unlike gold plate). They should last as long as an equivalent piece gold.

As with every product its life span will depend on the care you give it.  These are some helpful hints on how to look after your new Life Locket pieces.

Handle with care & love. The glass on your Life Locket is fragile & can break.

Do not wear in water. Your Life Locket is not waterproof.

To keep your Life Locket looking shiny & new, gently use a dry polishing cloth.

Take off your jewellery when using harsh chemicals, applying beauty products or entering extreme heat or cold.

Lockets used as keyrings need to be handles with care due to their fragile nature.

Do these products come with a warranty?

Life Lockets offer a 3 month manufacturer warranty. You must contact Life Lockets within the 3 month period (from date of purchase within the 92 day warranty time frame) to notify of manufacturer fault of product to qualify for a replacement of the faulty or broken product.  If you believe you have a warranty claim please contact to discuss what you feel is wrong with the product.  Life Lockets has the final word as the whether the product will be replaced and if a replacement product will be issued.  If the item is to be replaced Life Lockets will cover postage costs back to you.

Please note: Lockets will not be replaced if the glass has been broken as this would only occur if the locket was dropped and not handled with care.

 Will layered discs and charms scratch my piece?

Yes. layered discs will cause slight scratching between the disc due to the fact that they swing freely.  Added charms can also cause slight marks.  Please remember this when ordering, as it is normal. A regular polish with a polish cloth can often remove very slight scratches, but deeper marks cannot be removed.

Can you send my order directly to another person?

Yes we can send orders directly to another person.  If you wish your order to be sent directly to a loved one, please advise in the comments section the persons full name and address.

Invoices are sent out with orders so if you would not like this included please make a mention of this in the comments section when placing your order.

How many charms can fit inside a locket?

Up to 8-10 charms will fit inside 1x 3cm wide round locket - this will vary depending on the size and shape of each charm.  

Up to 4-6 charms and 1 plate will fit inside 1x 3cm wide round locket - this will vary depending on the size and shape of each charm.

Up to 4-6 charms will fit inside the locket bracelets - This will vary depending on the size and shape of each charm.​

Up to 4-6 charms will fit inside the 2.5cm round lockets - This will vary depending on the size and shape of each charm.

Up to 6-8 charms will fit inside the heart lockets - This will vary depending on size and shape of each charm.

How can I add/remove charms from my Life Locket?

Life Lockets can open and close.  The lockets have a magnetic clasp or screw top and can be opened up to add or remove charms whenever you feel a change is nessessary.

Kids Locket & Necklace Sets - Important Information:  Kids lockets are suitable for kids 5+ years.  Please supervise your children while wearing this product.  Not suitable for kids below this age due to their small parts.  Please handle with care, these lockets can break even when made of plastic.

Are your Interlocking Ring Pendants machine engraved?

No, they are not machine engraved, these pendants are hand stamped with individual metal stamps and a hammer.  Lettering alignment may not be perfect and slight scuffing on the back of each ring or disc may be present with these pieces but this only adds to the character of the piece.

Are all items always available?    

We do try to have all items available for purchase at all times however there may be times where this is not possible or if some charms become discontinuted.  

What do you mean when you say "front facing' and 'back facing' plates?

One plate can face the front and one can face the back. Only one side of each plate can be stamped.  It is your choice if you would like 1 or 2 plates or no plates at all. Front plates are typically stamped around the top so that you can see the stamping above the charms.  Back plates are stamped from left to right going around the plate. Up to 2 plates can fit inside each locket.

Please note:  If you place a lot of charms (8 or more) inside your locket this will cover the stamping on your front plate, so keep this in mind if you would like the stamping visible.

Do I need to have a plate for my locket?

No you don't need to have a plate.  Lockets look great without plates too.

 What if my jewellery is different to what I expected?

If you are unhappy with your Life Locket please contact us at to discuss your concerns.  Life Lockets does not offer refunds for change of mind but we may offer a store credit of the item is returned to as in perfect condition.  Items that are personalised cannot be exchanged.


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