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Team Member FAQs

Team Member FAQs

Do I receive free postage when I use my $99 code? No, this code is for store credit only and doesn't include free postage for your products purchased with the store credit.  

How long will it take to receive my kit?  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your kit to be sent out.

I don't like the ending of my URL, can this be changed?  Yes it can, please email with the url you have in mind.

Can I use a Team Member discount code to purchase the $399 Market Seller Kit?  No, if you are wanting to upgrade to the Market Sellers kit this needs to be purchased at full price.

Once I sign up to become a Team Member when can I start selling?  You can start selling as soon as your URL is activated.  You will be sent and email issuing you with your URL.

Do we ship worldwide?  Yes we do, cost of shipping is calculated at the checkout.

How much commission will I make on sales?  You will make 30% commission on each sale made through your URL.  Commission is calculated by the subtotal less any discount codes and excluding postage. For every person you sign up you will go on to earn 10% of sales made through their URL's, this excludes sales made with the Team Member discount code, Market Sellers Kit code and and package sales.

How do I place an order? All of your orders must be placed online through your URL.  If you are purchasing stock with your 40% off code then these orders should be placed through as 30% commission will not be made on these sales.  Personal orders can be placed using the Team Member discount code (TEAM30).

Will there be a potential to earn bonuses? Yes, bonuses will be given to top sellers for each year and random bonuses consisting on jewellery bonuses will be conducted throughout the year.

When do I get paid? You will be paid on Thursday on a fortnightly basis.  Payment will be made into your nominated PayPal or bank account.

How do I get paid? Payments will be made into your nominated PayPal or bank account. Please make sure you have added your bank or PayPal details to your Team Member Account.  It is up to you to keep these details updated at all times.  Please also email to notify of any change to your payment details.

How much can I earn? The amount you earn will depend on the amount of sales you make.  Life Lockets does not guarantee that you will make a set amount per week, month or year.  The amount you earn is up you and the amount of time, and energy you put into your Life Lockets affiliate business.

Do we have a catalogue?  No we don't as we are continuously adding new products (sometimes daily) and we feel the a catalogue would never be up to date and quite frankly a pain to update and maintain.   We are an online sales business (our website is our catalogue).  If you keep up to date with the Team Member Facebook page you will be aware of the latest products, sales and necessary information to run your business completely online.

How do I create website links to promote a product/s?: If you are promoting certain products you will need to generate your own web links (not simply by copying and pasting the URL from your websites).

To do this you need to log into your Team Member Account and log in with these details:

Click on this link to login to your Team Member account:

Once logged in go to 'My Tracking Information' and then 'Custom Team Member Tracking'. Type in a product you wish to promote and then a special link is generated for you to use. You can copy and paste this link to direct customers to your site.

Can I add to my $399 Market Sellers Kit? Yes you can add to your $399 Market Sellers Kit.  Once you purchase this kit you will be issued with a 40% off code and this can be used to top up your stock levels. The minimum order amount is $35, the code will only work once you have over $35 in your cart.

Can I make up my own advertising material for displaying at markets?  All advertising material including stands and any marketing/advertising material must be approved by the Life Lockets.  Life Lockets is all about brand awareness and we would like all adverting and marketing material to match our overall look and branding of this product.  If at any time you would like something made up for an up coming market please email and we will be more than happy to help with this.

Can I sell from my kit? Yes, you can sell from your Market Sellers Kit, however please don't let your stock levels run low, all kits should be kept well stocked for greater selling potential.

I signed up under another Team Member but I no longer want to be signed under this person, how do I go about not being under this Team Member:  You can choose to unsign from under someone by emailing and requesting to do so.  You cannot choose to sign under a different Team Member only to not be under your current Team Member.

Could my membership ever be suspended or cancelled?  Yes, Life Lockets reserves the right to suspend your account at any time without warning. 

I no longer require my kit, can I sell it? No ,we will not buy back your kit and you cannot sell it to other Team Members or ask us to promote your kit for sale within the Team Member Group.  Please keep this in mind before you make the choice to purchase the Market Sellers Kit.  If you don't want to be left with excess stock them maybe this kit is not for you.

Will I make 10% commission if my downline uses their Market Sellers Kit code or the Team Member code:  No, 10% commission is not awarded when these dicount codes are used. 

How can I market my new business?  The best way to market your Life Lockets business is through Facebook with your own business page and/or Group and we encourage you to create a Facebook Page/Group.  We ask that you name your business page "Life Lockets - Your Name'.  You can use any images from the 'Life Lockets' Facebook page: to promote your business.  You can promote Life Lockets within an existing website but only to redirect customers to your Life Lockets website. 

I have a website can I list Life Locket products on my website:  No, you can't list individual products on your website however you can post product links within a website and have your customers redirected to your Life Lockets website.

Who do I contact if I have questions?  Please email Craig or Megan will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Do I need to reach a set amount of sales to remain an active Team Member?  No, but you are required to actively be promoting Life Lockets whenever possible.  Team Members who consistently make no sales (over a 12 month period) will have their membership ceased.  If you make no sales via your website for 3 months and have active Team Members under you then you won't go on to earn the 10% commission from their sales.  Once a sale is made then the 3 month period is reactivated and you will earn the 10% commission from then on.

Will I continue to earn 10% commission from the Team Members I sign under me if I remain inactive? No, as mentioned above, if you make no sales for a 3 month period you won't go on to earn 10% of their sales.  

I already have a business, can I sell Life Lockets within an existing business? Yes, you are more than welcome to do that just as long as you are not selling items of a similar nature.  If you have an online business you can't list Life Locket products with in your website, you must direct all customers to your Life Lockets website to make their purchase.

I already sell products of a similar nature can I sign up to sell Life Lockets: No, we ask that if you sell our products exclusively. 

Can I sell other jewellery products at a market along with my Life Locket items? Yes but this is subject to approval, please contact info@lifelockets if you intend to sell other items at your market stall.

Can I promote the lockets online via Facebook and/or within an existing on-line business?  Yes, the best exposure is through Facebook and you are welcome to promote on another page if you have their permission.

Will I be provided with marketing support?  Yes, once you are a Team Member you will be able to join the Life Lockets Team Member Group on Facebook.  Within this group you will be given  a lot of marketing support.

Do I have to pay a yearly fee to remain an active Team Member?  Yes, in order to remain an active Team Member you will need to pay a yearly $50 Fee.  This will start in 2020. 

I signed up to the $99 Team Member Package but now I want to purchase the Market Sellers Kit.  If I order this through my website do I make commission on this sale?  No, commission won't be given in this instance.  This includes using the $99 package 'store credit' through your own website, commission will not be given just because you placed the order through your site.  The kit should be ordered from: 

Can I sell the Team Member packages through my URL? Yes, if a customer purchases a Team Member package through your URL you won't make the 30% commission on this sale but you will you will make 10% commission for sales this Team Member makes in the future.  No commission is made from the sale of the Market Sellers Kit or the $99 or $20 Packages or the Team Member code and Market Seller code sales,  if purchased through a Team Members URL.  The Team Member will go on to benefit from the sales in earning 10% commission on sales made by the new Team Member as long they remain active.  If a Team Member is inactive for a 3 month period they won't earn the 10% downline commission.

I noticed that you are running a coupon/discount code, can the code be used through my site?  Yes, any current coupon/discount codes can be used through your website.  Your commission will be based on the total of sale after discounts are applied and less any postage costs.

How long do Host Codes and Most Point Codes remain active for?  These codes are active for 1 year from date given.




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