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Gold Filled

What Does Gold-Filled Mean?

Gold-Filled jewellery is much more valuable than gold-plated. In fact, there is almost 100 percent more gold in gold-filled items than is found in gold-plated items. Just as gold-plated jewellery is plated with gold, gold-filled jewellery is as well, but there is a big difference between the ways these products are made.

Gold-Filled items have a much thicker layer of gold on them, and the gold is a much higher quality. In fact, it is just a step down from solid gold when it comes to quality and value. Speaking of solid gold, pure gold is very soft and is not a good choice for jewellery; that is why an alloy is almost always used for gold jewellery items, even in jewellery pieces worth an incredible amount of money.

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2mm ball chain necklace. Plase make your length selection - 20 inch (51cm)  24 inches (..
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